Alaska Airlines is offering a handy way to be germ-free plus other relaxing remedies on board as part of Next-Level Care

In travel, details make all the difference. As soon as COVID-19 hit, we quickly implemented over 100 ways to bring you peace of mind while traveling, including pre-travel wellness checks, requiring face coverings, disinfecting aircraft between flights and much, much more. So, when we set out to choose a partner for providing in-flight sanitizing hand wipes, we didn’t just settle for effectiveness. We asked: “Who can help make our guests’ experience more enjoyable?”

The answer? EO– the leading personal care brand that produces luxurious, pure, essential oil-infused hand sanitizer, body care and hand soaps in scents inspired by nature – facilitating meditative moments of self-care, anywhere and any time.

Starting Aug. 21, EO’s alcohol-based, relaxing French lavender-scented sanitizing wipes will be available to guests during beverage service on all Alaska and Horizon Air flights. Aside from being 99.9% effective against common germs, EO’s sanitizing wipes are created with sustainably-farmed organic ingredients and biodegradable bamboo cloth. Even better? EO is a zero-waste, B-corp and certified green business – a perfect match for Alaska’s industry leading environmental efforts.

We understand traveling during the “new normal” can feel overwhelming so we hope these thoughtful details make it feel more comfortable.

Here are more ways you can make your trip relaxing, comfortable and healthy:

Take a moment for mindfulness

We’re all coping with a lot of change right now. Taking a little time to re-center can do a world of good. We have just the thing. Through our partnership with Headspace, we offer free inflight meditation sessions. Just look for Headspace in our entertainment portal, breathe deeply and let the stress melt away.

Plan your PPE (don’t forget your mandatory mask!)

Have you ever spent a travel day in the wrong pair of shoes? The same rules apply to traveling while wearing a mask. For a travel day that includes time in airports and on flights, you may want to opt for a mask that fastens around the back of your head, rather than your ears.

And, think ahead about disinfecting supplies you’ll want along the way. Bringing a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer is probably top of mind, and now TSA allows you to bring even more – one 12 oz. bottle is allowed in your carry-on until further notice.

Pack strategic snackage

With limited airport and in-flight food and beverage services right now, you may want to shop in advance for snacks before your flight. Look for strong flavors but be careful not to get sucked into exclusively buying salty or sweet snacks. Dried fruit and nuts, pre-cut veggies, olives, cured meats and flavorful herbed crackers are great options to keep your stomach feeling full and satisfied. And maybe spring for that chocolate bar you’re always eyeing (Seattle Chocolate is a favorite) travel is supposed to be sweet, after all.


It’s easy to forget about hydration while traveling–and end up feeling pretty lousy as a result. The best and most sustainable way to drink enough water while you travel is to #FillBeforeYouFly. Bring your favorite (empty, of course) water bottle through security and fill it at your gate. We recommend filling up at a hands-free fill station if accessible. And, spread the word on social with a picture of your bottle and our hashtag #FillBeforeYouFly.

Clear the air with our HEPA filters

Speaking of breathing deeply, your overhead air vent is your friend–it provides clean, filtered air from outside the plane. While many people think airplane air is recirculated, it’s actually completely refreshed with outside air every three minutes by a system that uses two HEPA filters that are 99.9% effective in removing contaminates including viruses, bacteria and fungi. It’s a similar system to those used in hospitals, so don’t suffer in stuffy silence–keep the air flowing.

Feel like you’re at the beach by simply washing your hands

That’s right. Our signature soap “Ocean Citron,” made by Seattle-based Antica Farmacista, was specially created to give you cool blue ocean vibes with notes of California lemon, soft jasmine, lavender, green tea, among others. Antica’s refreshing ocean-inspired products can be found in all our aircraft lavatories (sanitizer if you’re traveling on a Q400) and in our lounges where you can enjoy it’s pairing lotion.

Flying may feel a little different these days, but with Alaska thinking of every detail and a little planning, the sky is still a pretty great place to be.