Customer Service Legend Judy Hatten: “We can help by listening”

Judy Hatten, Alaska customer service agent based in Burbank, California

Sometimes it’s a person’s steady acts of generosity and kindness, performed quietly and persistently over time, that make that person legendary.

For example, Burbank, California–based Customer Service Agent (CSA) Judy Hatten happened upon a sign for a blood drive more than 20 years ago and has been giving ever since, often participating in platelet donation, which takes more time than standard donation but allows a donor to give more often. Hatten recently earned her 10-gallon donor badge.

“I’m not afraid of needles and can offer at least two hours a month for people in need,” Hatten explains. “It takes so little of my time and can mean a lifetime to somebody else.”

This spirit of selflessness is evident to co-workers on the job. Hatten has been known to help with station fundraisers and has held bake sales to help colleagues make ends meet over the holidays. After her job shifts, Hatten aids her housemate and fellow CSA Liani Marriott by picking up Marriott’s children from day care and providing care herself so Marriott can work.

“Judy has definitely been one of our unsung heroes,” Marriott says. “There are times when those who work the hardest are not the ones who see their names in lights. But it would be hard to find a more exemplary employee.”

Hatten, who grew up in Northern California, has worked as an Alaska CSA in Burbank for 32 years. A highly skilled and versatile employee, she is known for her scheduling capabilities, her focus on safety and her ability to step into roles as a lead CSA or CSA trainer when needed.

Yet Hatten is best-known among frequent flyers in Burbank for her people skills—for being genuinely helpful, friendly and engaging.

“A nice day for me is when I help people get where they are going safely and make their day a little better,” Hatten says. “I try to work hard for other people.”

Questions & answers

What do you like most about your job?
I enjoy the time I have to talk with our guests—finding out what they’re doing and where they’re going.

What is your best piece of job advice?
Just be kind to everyone. Each person is an individual, and we can help by listening.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy LA Dodgers baseball games. My dad was a pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers when Jackie Robinson was on the team. I still bleed blue for the Dodgers.

Where have you enjoyed traveling?
I’ve visited many countries, but I also like to travel in the U.S. On one recent trip, I flew to Omaha and then drove to the Badlands of South Dakota. That was beautiful.

What do you pack when you fly?
An iPad to play games and read books—I especially enjoy reading mysteries.

Kudos from Judy’s co-workers

“Judy is a legend because she goes above and beyond. She helps co-workers all the time. She always wears a smile, makes everyone happy and tells jokes. It’s a wonderful delight to work with her.” —Scott Kaller, Customer Service Manager, Burbank

“Judy is diligent and focused, yet lighthearted enough to find humor in almost any situation. She is exceptionally kindhearted and does the right thing for Alaska Airlines and guests at all times.” —Liani Marriott, Customer Service Agent, Burbank

“Judy is a Burbank legend because of her high standards, friendliness, and willingness to help by taking initiative and being there when people need her.” —Bill McConnaughey, Lead Customer Service Agent, Burbank

“Whenever Judy retires, her name will be raised often with fondness in Burbank. She has been here a long time, and people remember her. When guests check in, they ask if Judy is working. She’s a great representative for Alaska Airlines.” —Janine Regoli, Operations Trainer, Burbank

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  1. The Alaska employees are one of the main reason I have recently switched from American Airlines to Alaska. Alaska people are super helpful and friendly. My last trip from NY Kennedy airport to San Jose the agent that checked in my bag could not have been more helpful. I wish I knew her name – I would like to give her name in recognition! Thank you Alaska keep up the good work!🙂

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