Love is in the air: Couple gets married on an Alaska Airlines flight, sparking countless love stories 

This Valentine’s Day, we popped a question to our guests: “Has Alaska ever played a role in your love story?” And so many of you said YES! Check out some of the stories we received below.

Saying “I do” at 30,000+ feet 

It’s not every day you witness a wedding on a flight, but if you were on Cydne & Grant’s flight to from Portland to Las Vegas last October, you did!

When planning their wedding, the adventurous couple tried to meet their friends & family in the middle of Portland and Salt Lake City. They decided on a reception in Vegas and a sky-high wedding. Cydne admits she jokingly brought up the idea, “why don’t we get married on an airplane?” Her then-fiancé, Grant, LOVED it.  

“After shocking all the Customer Care employees at Alaska with our idea, we finally got an answer, ‘yes we can do it—but we have to choose a flight long enough to have time to stand and get the pilots okay when we arrive.’ We held our breath for the day in hopes of good weather and the pilots’ final okay.”

While weddings on our aircraft aren’t a regular occurrence, our crew went above & beyond to create an unforgettable experience for Cydne, Grant, and their loved ones on their special day.

As nervous as we were for the unknown, the flight and ceremony were perfect. It could not have gone better! We are so thankful for Alaska and all they did for us that day. We continue to fly Alaska everywhere—they will forever be special to us. I already have 3 trips planned this year on Alaska!” 

– Cydne

Together, their wedding party was about 30 people. Grant and Cydne enjoyed First Class, both for the first time! Her kids were seated in Premium, right behind them so they could still see them and have them close during the ceremony.  

“We had one of our best friends, who is ordained, marry us. I walked down the aisle of First Class, and we said our vows where First Class meets Premium,” she said. “When we landed in Vegas, we were escorted by an Alaska employee who took our group through the airport down to baggage claim where Alaska had a sign and gifts waiting for us. We posed for pics with the flight crew and station employees.” 


Going the distance.

Alaska Airlines made our long-distance relationship possible! I live in California and my boyfriend lives in Oregon- thanks to Alaska we’ve been able to see each other almost every other weekend. After a year of long distance, we’re finally moving in together. Thank you, Alaska! ❤️ 

– Jenefer

A quick connection.

I was heading home after visiting my parents in Spokane when I noticed a handsome stranger sitting in the waiting area for my short flight to Seattle. When we boarded, he was one row up and across the aisle from me. His friends were seated directly across the aisle from me and started asking about the book I was reading. Eventually, the handsome stranger turned around and started asking me questions and we totally hit it off. We talked for the rest of the flight about skiing, the Pacific Northwest, and my recent relocation to DC.

When we landed in Seattle, he asked me to lunch. He is now my husband of twelve years, and we have three sons. We would like to say that our first date was at the SeaTac C gates. 

– Katherine

Nothing’s better than an airport hug.

My now husband and I first started dating when we lived in Seattle. When we met, he was going to be moving to Chicago to finish school, so our time was meant to be short. However, our love blossomed and after a couple of months, we decided to give long distance a try. Alaska ferried each of us back and forth each month for alternating Chicago & Seattle visits. Alaska is absolutely a part of our love story—sitting on board in sheer excitement and anticipation waiting to see each other is an amazing memory and part of our budding romance journey. And now almost 9 years later, we have Alaska to thank for keeping us together that first year! 

– Ian

oneworld, one big proposal!

Amar & I were in a long-distance relationship for the first 1.5 years. Alaska Airlines (along with a number of oneworld carriers) helped connect our cities but also our hearts.

To not include Alaska Airlines as part of our proposal story and celebration wouldn’t be right. We had the opportunity to do a proposal photoshoot on a flight from Los Angeles to Washington, DC with the help of such a fantastic crew! With so much “love in the air,” we look forward to traveling on Alaska Airlines from Washington, DC to Los Angeles again, where we are getting married this June! 

– Anuj

A decade in the making.

My husband and I were long-distance for about 3 years. I lived in Southern California, and he lived in Portland, Oregon. For those 3 years, we only flew with Alaska because they had the best times and prices between Ontario and Portland. Without Alaska, we would not have been able to maintain our relationship. Thank you. We just got married this past October and celebrated 10 years together. 

– Becca

From the ground up, love wins.

William and I both work for Alaska. We met back in 2016 as Ramp Agents for Horizon Air in Los Angeles. To be exact, we met at Gate 66 at Terminal 6 at LAX. We had been loading an aircraft for a flight and William came to assist with the flight. 8 years later, and engaged for 4 years, we both work side by side, still!

William is now the Station Manager of San Diego, and I (Kristina) am now the Inflight Supervisor in San Diego. We both built our careers here at Alaska Air Group from being Ramp agents, Fleet agents, stores agents, leadership roles, inflight and even moved from LAX to SEA to SAN. I would of never of met William if it wasn’t for Alaska Air Group. Our love for Alaska & aviation has only grown with the love that we have for each other. 

– Kristina

In love with each other & Alaska since ’98.

Our love story began when I traveled to San Diego from Seattle for a summer vacation in 1998. A Seattle girl meets a San Diego boy. Love at first sight! It was a year of long-distance dating and travel on Alaska Airlines to visit each other almost every month. I still have the paper ticket mementos. Alaska helped keep the love alive and make a long-distance relationship seem not so far away.

This Seattle girl eventually moved to her dream city with her dream boyfriend. A year later, we both moved to Seattle. Fast forward to 2006 we got married in San Diego. Alaska was there to help fly family members to join us for the big day.

My love and I travel wherever Alaska goes, with the kids often in tow. We love how Alaska has been part of our love story and is a huge part of our family. Anniversary trips, family vacations, weddings, and that epic 1998/1999 year of travel is where our love story began. 🥰

– Sarah

A match made in paradise.

Imagine being handed a ticket to paradise, not knowing it would also lead you to the love of your life. That’s exactly what happened to me, thanks to Alaska Airlines. I was set for a solo adventure in Kauai, the Garden Isle, known for its lush landscapes and serene beauty.

On a spur-of-the-moment decision, I invited Bryan, a recent acquaintance with a spirit as adventurous as mine, to join me. The island’s magic, coupled with unexpected companionship, turned our journey into a tapestry of memorable experiences and emotions.

Our love story owes its beginning to a generous gesture from Alaska Airlines. A solo journey transformed into a shared adventure, laying the foundation for a bond that would grow beyond the confines of the trip. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary journeys begin with a single ticket to an unknown destination. 

– Tiffany

Love is truly in the air.

Josh and I met while working at Alaska at Portland International Airport and we still work there today! We love working flights together. We have taken multiple trips on our flight benefits and have made awesome memories. I don’t think I would have ever met him not working for Alaska ❤️ thank you for helping me find my best friend 😉 

– Maggie


  1. My husband and I met as we were boarding a flight from Portland to Spokane. After the plane landed in Spokane, he found me as I got off the plane and gave me his number written on the cocktail napkin. This year makes 5 years of marriage and I still have the Alaska Airlines napkin with his number tucked away in a safe spot.

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