Alaska Airlines CEO takes pledge to further advance diversity and inclusion

Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden is one of more than 160 U.S. business leaders to sign a “diversity and inclusion pledge” this week, the latest effort by the company to embrace diversity in all its forms.

In signing, Tilden is committing Alaska Air Group to “to cultivate a workplace where different points of view are welcomed, where employees feel empowered to discuss tough issues at work, and where successful—and unsuccessful—practices can be shared across organizations.”

“Fostering diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it has the power to improve performance, drive growth and engage employees,” says Tilden.

He joins CEOs from respected corporations including Adobe, American Express, Cisco, Dupont, Target, General Mills and many more in taking the pledge.

“I am very proud to stand with other CEOs to say that the status quo is not an option. We have a responsibility to take greater action to ensure every individual feels comfortable at work and can bring their full talents to their job to help us be the best company we can be.  We know that diverse and inclusive teams function best, and they help companies and communities innovate and flourish,” says Tilden.

While Alaska Airlines has been working on its diversity and inclusion efforts for many years, the pledge announces Alaska Airlines as a national leader and invites sharing of success stories and approaches that have worked in the past with other companies and community members.

“While we have already placed a focus on leadership training and making everyone feel comfortable at work, we have plans to do even more, including offering workshops on unconscious bias to more employees, having more conversations in an inclusive way about complex topics and sharing our best practices with other companies,” says Karen Wilkins-Mickey, Alaska’s director of diversity and inclusion.


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