Champions never rest: new Russell Wilson TV commercial debuts

Russell Wilson training camp - Champions Never Rest

One hot summer day not long ago, 40 production crew members, 13 Alaska Airlines employees and one star quarterback gathered on a middle school football field in Seattle for an elite training camp.

Champions never rest, after all, which is why we enlisted the support of our Chief Football Officer Russell Wilson to design a camp that only he could imagine.

Wilson, the starting quarterback for the champion Seattle Seahawks, led Alaska employees through a high-stepping obstacle course, a lost teddy bear running drill, snack delivery accuracy training – #snackuracy – and more.

This is an exclusive sneak peek at the first of three brand-new Alaska Airlines TV commercials featuring Wilson, shot on location in Seattle over the course of a 12-hour day. It will air on TV stations from Bellingham to Vancouver, Washington beginning Aug. 7.

New: see the outtakes.


  1. Who is the pilot in this commercial?

    1. This is Capt. Mike Swanigan!

      1. Thank you for getting back to me. Is he from Seattle and how did he happen to get the gig?

      2. Hi Randie – yes, Capt. Swanigan is based in Seattle. Each of the 13 employees featured in the three commercials submitted an audition video to be chosen for the commercial.

  2. I gotta school that Wilson went to xD

  3. Oh my gosh! This video is a crack up. It makes me laugh everyone. The commuted look of the stewardess with the stroller is priceless! I love seeing the captains maneuver their way way the Teddy Bears! The Stewardes’s throwing/aiming the peanuts is brillent! Good job Russell and I love you Alaska Airlines!

  4. Does Alaska Airlines have any other employee workgroups besides Pilots and Flight Attendants? That all I ever see in articles or commercials, their Pilots and Flight Attendants. Are they ashamed of everyone else? Seems these are the only folks that Alaska Airlines cares about!

    1. We have more than 13,000 employees in many, many workgroups! Read more of their stories in our People section. One of our most recent features tells the story of a customer service agent in Montana who went above and beyond for a minor league baseball player. Read it here.

  5. Very creative commercial integrating Seattle’s hometown airline with the Seahawks football star Russell Wilson.

  6. Yes…so cute! okay, I wanna be invited to participate too! Gr8 job you guys

  7. Kellogg Middle School in Shoreline!!

  8. Isn’t the Official Airlines Delta? Why do they make people think its Alaska?

    1. When you say official airline I assume you are referring to official airline for the Seattle Seahawks. This is a commercial for Alaska Airlines starring Russell Wilson. Whether or not someone associates that with the Seattle Seahawks is kind of a moot point, don’t you think? However, if someone associates hometown airline with hometown football team I think it is brilliant without using the Seattle Seahawks name in any way! Bravo Alaska Airlines!

  9. I love this commercial!

  10. Love the video! The school looks familiar. Was it shot at Kellogg Middle School in Shoreline?

  11. That’s my school Kellogg !!!!

    1. Same hahahah

  12. Excellent video , I love this video. Go Russell Wilson!

  13. Awesome commercial I LOVE IT, especially the #SNACKURACY

  14. Will we be seeing them over here in the Far East, i.e Spokane?

    1. These are only airing west of the Cascades, but you’ll be able to view them all here, or at once they begin airing.

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