Our reservation agents are here for you nonstop

Like you, we feel that getting where you need to go should be hassle-free and enjoyable. And yet, in these uncertain times, travel changes and cancellations have become the norm. But there is one thing you can absolutely count on: we care about you 24/7. 

Alaska Airlines reservation agents are a constant and dependable source of reassurance and help when we need it most. Our employees have been working around the clock, many working overtime, handling an unprecedented amount of phone calls and social-media messages – the volume of guest outreach has been 200% higher than normal.

“Although we are happy to talk with you, the online service is there to help save you time during the highest call volumes ever seen,” says Reservation Agent Amanda. 

 To avoid longer wait times, please contact us only if you have travel in the next 72 hours. Pro tip: you can always change or cancel your travel online.

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Meet some of our agents:


Glicel is a Seattle-based reservation agent and has worked for Alaska Airlines for 2 years.

Glicel, Reservation Agent

She moved to Washington state from the Philippines in 2005. She loves to travel (her favorite destination is of course the Philippines). When she’s not working, she likes to spend time with family and friends, playing with make up and volunteering at her son’s school.

How do you begin your work day? “I always have a quote in front of me, ‘Start a day with a grateful heart’. I  say it out loud before the start of every shift.” She says her day is also filled with black coffee and matcha green tea (only from Japan).

What your favorite part about your job? Being kind. It goes a long way. You can brighten up someone else’s’ day with just one act of kindness.”


Tylor is a reservation agent based in Boise and has been with Alaska Airlines for 1.5 years.

Tylor, Reservation Agent

How has work been for you lately & what advice do you have for our guests? “The increase in calls has been tough, but we are committed to helping each and every guest with their concerns,” he says. “My advice for guests who want to change their travel is the website is your best friend!” Tylor says changing your travel online is much easier, quicker these days due to larger call volumes.

What has been getting your through the busy days? “I really lean on my colleagues at a time like this. Even though we all work remotely, the communication and encouragement we get each and every day helps.”


Amanda is based in Seattle and has been a reservation agent at Alaska Airlines for 2 years 8 months, 1 week, and 2 days – she’s been counting 😉

Amanda, Reservation Agent

Amanda is a single mom who loves working for Alaska Airlines. She enjoys being able to work from home and take her dogs for a walk on her breaks to breathe, and get some fresh air.

Her advice: “Try online first,” she says if you’re looking to change or cancel your travel plans. “The online system works well and if you want to change or cancel the reservation the system is correct in telling you what it can offer.” She says it also saves your time waiting for an agent and can be done in minutes.

How she keeps her wits: “I drink a lot of coffee and water and try to get enough sleep,” she says. “I also lean on a couple of group agents I went to training with as we help support each other when we need to vent. We truly celebrate our successes and struggles, and even our failures together.”


Sara is a reservation agent based in Phoenix and has been with Alaska Airlines for 3.5 years.

Sara, Reservation Agent

Do you have a mantra? “I believe that sharing smiles and laughter with our guests, definitely sets the tone for good calls. We are all real people and not robots, which our guests really appreciate.” Agent

What keeps you going? “I drink water and snack on popcorn most days,” she says. “I’ve also been going on hikes, listening to tunes, and chasing sunsets after work.”

From all of us at Alaska, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe, healthy and happy during this unprecedented time.