5 reasons you should work for Alaska Airlines

You know you love to fly on Alaska. But have you ever considered working for your favorite airline? Here are five reasons you should browse Alaska’s job listings today.

1. Peace of mind for retirement

Alaska’s 401(k) plans lead best practices to help employees retire in financial security. In 2015, Alaska’s Alaskasaver plan for management employees was highlighted at the White House Conference on Aging as an example for other companies to follow. The White House showcased Alaska’s automatic enrollment of eligible employees starting at 6 percent of pay, with an automatic escalation in contributions each year; substantial employer matching and other contributions; flexible distribution options; comprehensive financial education programs and allowing employees who leave the company to repay loans on their original repayment schedules.

2. Great people

The recruitment and hiring process is thorough at Alaska and sister carrier Horizon Air, as the company seeks people who exemplify a certain je ne sais quoi known as “Alaska Spirit.” That spirit springs from Alaska’s heritage as a pioneer in a state where aviation plays a vital role in the life of every resident. Alaska Spirit defines the unique fun-loving, energetic and adventurous character of Alaska Airlines and its employees.

3. License to innovate

The people of Alaska and Horizon are empowered to create the best experience for every customer. The drive for innovation is embedded throughout the organization, and a spirit of teamwork offers a rewarding day-to-day journey for employees. Alaska is currently providing all customer-facing employees modernized mobile devices to make their jobs easier, and easing everyday efforts for communicating more effectively, while Alaska’s research and development team is on the lookout for new ways to save customers hassle.

4. Community love

Alaska is heavily invested in the communities it serves, and partner with employees to support the charities they care about most. Through matching gift and Dollars for Doers programs as well as regularly sponsoring community events throughout North America, Alaska makes it easy for employees to give back, and recognizes employees each year for going above and beyond in service to their community.

5. Travel privileges

Working for an airline has its perks. Employees of Alaska and Horizon Air, their parents and their eligible dependents enjoy unlimited free, standby travel on Alaska and Horizon, as well as discounted travel on other airlines. Employees also enjoy generous paid time off, giving them the flexibility to take advantage of those travel privileges.

Ready to apply? Browse job openings at jobs.alaskaair.com.

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  1. Recently traveled w Alaska Airlines. The service was great. I was wondering if anyone knows the song they’re playing on the plane after landing. All I remember was that it was a really good song sung by a male voice. Many thanks in advance

  2. I’m hardworking. energetic, outgoing, fun, and currently retired looking for more challenges!

  3. ALASKA AND HORIZON are the BEST to FLY!!! ✈️❤️

    1. My ride client arrived at SJC on a new 737-900. She was so happy. The best aircraft to expanding markets. Very proud to have you in my part of the world.

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