Seat back. tablet holder

In 2018, Alaska will debut an entirely redesigned cabin with new seats and amenities.


  1. Kudos to Alaska for innovating on the seats – this is exactly what I want! I hate looking down at my tablet on the tray table.

  2. OK, I admit, we’re spoiled. We almost always fly first or business class, so here’s my opinion. I like Alaska and Virgin for daytime flights but will never book a redeye because the seats don’t lie flat. Yes, I’m spoiled, but I will tell you that I worked hard and saved (being frugal for many years) to get here. I also want to know how we premium class fliers access the lounges. I truly hate sitting in an airport for hours, waiting for a flight, and a nice lounge is the only thing that makes it ok. I want to be able to know that lounge access is included in the outrageous amount I’ve paid for my flight, and to know exactly where and how to get there the fastest. And when you buy new planes, please consider lie-flat seats. It’s the first thing I check on Seat Guru.

  3. Tablets come in different sizes. Will the tablet holder be adjustable?

  4. YES So necessary

  5. Why don’t you put a screen on the headrest like Delta does?

  6. The tablet holder is ok, but why not just offer built in video. If the seat is reclined it will be difficult to see the screen. And is it really FREE if I have to pay for GOGO?

    1. Built-in video is expensive and heavy. Each unit can weigh around 10lbs which means a couple thousand pounds per 737. Between weight and power consumption that will increase fuel burn – increasing cost and being less environmentally friendly.

      Not to mention it can easily cost a million to outfit each plane with electronics which will become obsolete in a couple years. Ultimately I’d rather use my tablet anyway and I think most tablet owners would feel the same.

      Bottom line ticket costs would go up to do it and it wouldn’t make most travelers experience any better.

  7. I would like to see the netting be able to be pulled out a bit farther as it is very difficult to get a bottle of water to fit.

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