In 2018, Alaska will debut an entirely redesigned cabin with new seats and amenities.


  1. As a frequent flier, I love this! I agree with the previous comment about the bulk head looking sleek and no carpeting there. The obvious grey tones are my favorite and are very “in style”. I look forward to seeing these changes in 2017 and beyond. Way to go Alaska – you are my #1 for more reasons than before 🙂

  2. It’s always nice to fly in an updated cabin, so I appreciate the changes. The most important thing to most travelers, I believe, is room – not feeling crowded or cramped. It would be my preference to see one row of seats removed from every plane and that space spread over the COACH section of each cabin. Also, I notice you have chosen to use photographs, primarily, of a sample first class section here on your website. That is not a realistic view for the vast majority of travelers, so it gives them a false image of what to expect. My only other comment would regard the Bombardier Q400 aircraft, of which you have a large inventory. I know it’s a very reliable aircraft and, I assume, economical to fly, but it is the noisiest plane on which I have ever flown. Can anything be done about that? Or can the plane be gradually replaced with a jet model that doesn’t rattle your teeth while you’re flying? We enjoy flying with Alaska and appreciate your changes, regardless. Thanks!

  3. Make sure there is room for your feet if you are in the first row.

  4. I like the look of the Non-carpeted bulkhead. Clean and inviting. I think it would be great if each bulkhead had a large screen that could play features about the destination city as well as real time inflight information.

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