Alaska Airlines 2016

In January 2016, Alaska Airlines revealed the most substantial updates to its brand in a quarter century, streamlining its wordmark and adding pops of color around its iconic tail design.


  1. Hello from a former Alaska Airlines employee. I worked in the air freight department, in Anchorage, from May 1666 to June of 1967. My boss at the time was big Bill, 7 ft 2″, Bill Strand a former NBA player. I spent two years in the Air Force before working for Alaska Air. At that time the “Connie” was the four engine prop plane that left Anchorage in the am hours as flight 300 and and returned as flight 301. I’m not sure what month it was but I was there when the first jet made it’s debut, a Boeing 727. When I left Alaska Air and returned to the lower 48 I went to work for Northwest Orient Airlines in Madison, Wi., but I have always remembered by tour with Alaska Airlines. Thanks for letting me spend a really cool part of my life with a class operation.

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