1. WOW! Brings back memories of a near magical experience for a 16 yr. old. Sept. ’72 left NW La. for a nearly year long visit with family in Fairbanks. Boarded an Alaska 727 at SeaTac for trip to Fairbanks with a stop in Anchorage. Was seated next to 2 models from Texas, along with if memory serves “Golden Nugget Service”, (the girls shared their steak and Baked Alaska, insisting this skinny kid have the others serving) What more could be asked! The girls got off in Anchorage. We took photos at the base on the rear stairs on the Anchorage tarmac. Upon arrival in Fairbanks, my family was MORE than curious WHERE the lipstick came from! What a different time that was for air travel. Seems I recall, there were 4 different colorful schemes that graced the tail of the 727’s I fondly recalled.

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